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How To Delete A Direct Message On Twitter

by Jo Shaer, on March 30, 2014

[question ask="How do you delete a direct message on Twitter?"][/question]
Especially for the lovely Hilary at Kibbles Mill who asked the question on my Twitter training course last week.

direct message on twitterYou should note that it does not seem to be possible to delete whole conversations, just individual direct messages from another Twitter user.

How to delete a direct message on Twitter on PC

First you need to click on the strange envelope device at the top right of your Twitter navigation bar on your PC.

This will bring up a pop up showing all your direct messages.
view conversation in direct message on twitter

Select the one you want to delete and click on a blank area of that message. If you click on the name, it will just take you to their profile.

Now you can see the tweet itself and to the right is a little dustbin.

Click that and the tweet is gone.

how to delete a direct message on twitter

What happens if I want to do more than just delete a direct message - because it is spammy or inappropriate?

The other symbol next to the dustbin - a circle with a line through it - allows you to report the message if it is inappropriate.

Can you delete a Twitter direct message on mobile?

Looking on Android, I cannot see the option within the Twitter app. As usual, I am never sure about iPhone. However, you should be able to use your browser to log in to the main site and see the option from there.

Who can send direct messages?

You can send direct messages to anyone who follows you.

Some more info on direct messages from Twitter

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