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    WooHoo! How To Get The New Twitter Profile Header In The UK

    [fa icon="clock-o"] September 19, 2012 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] Twitter, new twitter profile header

    how to get the new twitter profile layoutIt makes a change for us to get a social media update at the same time as our American cousins but Twitter have made the changes to their new profile layout simultaneous on both sides of the Atlantic.

    So what you get now is a big header graphic which goes behind your usual profile picture, especially useful if you are using Twitter for Business and have a product to promote.

    It also allows me to show myself as well as my business to make sense of my choices of real name and user name.

    And then the words from your bio are emblazoned in white across the header graphic underneath the profile picture. You might want to bear that in mind because a busy header graphic or one using lighter colours is going to make the visiblity of those words an issue.

    Crucial Facts about the new Twitter Profile Header Image Size

    As you can see, it's more like the cover image that you get on Facebook - but don't think anyone was going to make it that easy. Your image needs to be a MINIMUM of 1252 x 626 px and a MAXIMUM file size of 5MB. As you may recall, Facebook cover images are 851x315px so that won't wash over on Twitter and you're going to have to make it deeper.

    How do I upload my new header?

    Go into Edit Your Profile and in the left hand sidebar you will see the option Design. Click here and you will see the option to upload the new Twitter header image - bearing in mind the image caveats above. I tried to upload a shorter image (my Facebook cover image) but it would have none of it and gave me a grey background around my regular profile pic.

    This new header image will be used across the various Twitter apps on mobile devices to provide a consistent brand. The difference on twitter.com itself will be that you get to use a background image behind the main area containing the twitter stream.

    I have left mine as is at the moment - my relationship with PhotoShop not being terribly successful when it comes to such things but, if you look at the Twitter blog, you can see some options on famous pages which have made the switch.


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    Jo Shaer

    Written by Jo Shaer

    "You're not like other marketing agencies, are you?" Nope, and we're proud of it. No jargon, no BS. We build websites with TLC - Traffic, Leads & Customers. From small beginnings - as a part time lollipop lady who designed websites and explained social media for the local business owners she was seeing across the road - Jo Shaer has grown Lollipop to a national company with its own office and 5 staff. She cares passionately about YOUR success. You can trust her to keep your business growing by doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

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