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How To Leave A Recommendation For A Local Business On Facebook

by Jo Shaer, on October 10, 2013

leave a recomendation on a Facebook local business pageIf your business is a local bricks and mortar shop or premises that people can physically visit, then you should set up your Facebook Page as a Local Business.

This allows you to include your address, telephone number and opening hours, along with a map.

What it also allows is the facility for Recommendations.

Here's how to leave a Recommendation for a local business on Facebook

Placed in the right hand sidebar, about the third box down after Friends and Recent Posts By Others, you should encourage your happy customers to leave their positive testimonials.

The great thing about this is that those reviews will show on not only YOUR business page but on the personal profile of the client doing the reviewing - so their friends can also see it.

If they click on the box where it says 'Write a Recommendation', the box will open up to allow their comment and then they just press the button marked 'Recommend' when they have finished.

A simple but very effective way to get your customers to shout about your business.

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