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How To Link Facebook Business Pages to Twitter

by Jo Shaer, on December 19, 2013

Jo, How Do I Link My Facebook Business Page to Twitter so that the status updates post on the home stream there?

Whilst I would not advocate ONLY auto posting from Facebook to Twitter, if you really want to leverage your content, a link between your Facebook Business Page and your Twitter stream is imperative.

In their July 2013 update, Facebook made a big gaffe and have neglected to include access to the Apps section. You need to go to here to access the page that allows you to control whether you post from your Facebook page to your Twitter account- thanks to Liz at Wee Rascal for the heads up.

Link Facebook Business Pages to Twitter

So, log in to Facebook and also log into the Twitter account for the business where you want your business page status updates to appear.

Then open a new tab by clicking on the Ctrl button at the bottom left of your keyboard and at the same time click on https://www.facebook.com/twitter/. Or copy and paste it into a new tab yourself whilst logged into Facebook.

You will see a page that offers you the chance to link your personal profile to Twitter and also any business pages.


Click on the Link To Twitter button next to the business page.

how to link facebook page to your twitter accountYou will now see a dashboard requesting that you authorise Facebook to use its app on your Twitter account.

If you are not logged into your Twitter account already, you can do so here.

Once you have authorised the Facebook to Twitter app, you will go back to the Facebook page to Twitter link page.

facebook page link to twitter streamOnce this has been done, you will return to the linking Page where there are a series of checkboxes so that you can determine which types of content you want to be reproduced in your Twitter stream:

  • Status updates
  • links
  • events
  • notes
  • photos
  • video

All good sources of content to attract visitors from Twitter to your Facebook Page, although some gurus would suggest that it is not always a good idea to try to send Tweeters to Facebook since they have already chosen their platform.


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Selectively Link Twitter tweets to Facebook Business Page

My personal opinion on this is that, if it's good content, then they will want to be given the option to leave Twitter to see it. And, if you're posting from your blog to Facebook, it is another way of ensuring that your articles get another opportunity to be seen by a different audience.

If you want to post selectively from Twitter to Facebook, you can use the Selective Twitter app. By adding #fb to the end of your tweet, you can alert the app that you want this particular status update to be reproduced as a status update on Facebook. All you need to do is link your Twitter account as instructed and then use the #fb. With thanks to Roz at Say it with ecards for this tip

How to link Facebook Business Page to Twitter stream - sorted!

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