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How To Remove An Admin From Your Facebook Business Page - Updated for March 2015

by Jo Shaer, on April 2, 2013

In the same way that you can add a Facebook Admin to a page, there may come a time when someone needs to be removed. They may have left the business or it may be that you have changed your social media manager. Or, as a social media manager, it may be that you are no longer helping that business and would like to remove yourself as an Admin. It can get quite tricky when you are managing lots of pages and there is a need to have a bit of a clean up to keep those pages you are helping to the fore.

How To Remove An Admin from your Facebook Business Page

manage admins via page roles on facebook dashboard

Click Settings at the top right

Select Page Roles from the left hand sidebar.

You will see a list of those Facebook personal profiles which currently have admin privileges for your page - at whatever level of authority.

remove admin from facebook pageAgainst the personal profile that you want to remove, you will see an X. If you click that X, the picture and name of that personal profile will become faded.

If you are sure you want to remove this person, then you should click the save button at the bottom of the page.

That person will then receive a confirmation from Facebook that they have been removed as an Admin from your business page.

Email From Facebook confirming removal as Admin

What you should always remember is that any Admin can remove any other Admin from your Facebook Page.

how to remove a facebook adminIf you receive an email like this from Facebook and you have not asked to be removed as an admin from your business page, you need to investigate further. The email will give you the option to contact Facebook immediately "if you did not do this" or if you have not agreed that this should be done. It could be that a disgruntled employee is trying to wrest away control of your Facebook page for their own purposes

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