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How To Remove Birthday From LinkedIn Profile - 2017 Update

by Jo Shaer, on February 13, 2017

The new updated LinkedIn layout is slowly rolling out across the UK and users should be aware that they may now be displaying their birthday on their profile - even though you had previously selected to show it only to yourself.

Of course, the new layout means that my previous blog post on the subject is now obsolete. So here's how to remove birthday from LinkedIn profile in 2017. 

How to  remove birthday from LinkedIn profile in 2017

contact and personal info section on linkedin.pngGo to your profile on the new LinkedIn layout.

Scroll down the right hand sidebar until you reach the section called Contact and Personal Info.

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You will see a blue pencil - click that.

A pop up will open where you can edit each piece of contact and personal info to be displayed in your LinkedIn profile..

how to remove birthday from linkedin profile.pngYou will need to scroll down through these to the section marked Birthday.

If it is showing your actual month and day of your birthday, change this using the dropdown menus so that only the word 'Month' and 'Day' are showing at the top of each column.

Click the blue Save button.

linkedin remove date of birth.pngNext, check in the right hand sidebar to see if your Birthday is still showing under Contact and Personal Info.

To be on the safe side, I asked one of my connections  to log in to LinkedIn and go to my profile to check what they could see. And, just to be clear, no, that's not MY birth date that you can see to the left.

If your birth month and day  are still displaying, here is how to hide this information.

How to hide birthday on LinkedIn

Follow the instructions above to edit your Contact and Personal Info section.

Scroll down to the Birthday section.

Underneath  the Day dropdown, you will see Visible to:  in blue.

hide birth day and month on linkedin.pngClick and a pop up will display with a list of options.

This is where I discovered that my birthday had reverted to being visible to my network. That's everyone up to 3rd degree connections!

If you don't want your birthday and month to be shown on LinkedIn - and, if you care about not helping identity hackers, you definitely should be looking to hide it - select the option for Only You

This will mean that Only You are able to view that information.

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