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How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone 4 to Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung S4

by Jo Shaer, on January 15, 2013

UPDATE: You can also use the Easy Phone Sync app and get your contacts, photos, videos and notes at the same time.

Or the Bump app to transfer contacts and photos from iphone to S3 or S4 or from any other device back to iPhone.

I've done it! I've replaced my iPhone with a new Samsung Galaxy S3.

I'm defecting from Apple to Android!

Find out how to transfer contacts from iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S4 You can also use the Bump app to transfer contacts and photos to your Galaxy S3 if you don't want to sync with Google.

But how to bring over my contacts from one phone to another? In days gone by, you just gave your SIM card to the guy in the shop and they automatically reproduced them on to the new SIM card. It's not so simple as that in these days of dual systems and technology. But there is a relatively simple answer, thanks to Webcazine and it involves Google Contacts.

Make sure you back up your iPhone's contacts before you attempt this procedure.

You need to have a Google account and you need to add the login details to your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Next up, you sync your iPhone's contacts with iTunes. And then, following the instructions in the Webcazine article, you connect your iPhone to iTunes and, when your phone is registered under devices, you click the Info tab.

This will produce a screen that allows you to Sync Contacts With a selection of options available via a drop down menu. Find Google Contacts and check that.

You will be asked to enter your Google ID (normally a gmail address but whatever email address you have used to set up your Google account) and password.

Click OK and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to click Apply.

Log in to your Google Contacts and check that the new data has been transferred across.

My contacts have not transferred from the iPhone to Google Contacts

If, as happened to me, your contacts have not made the transition, you need to go back into your iPhone. Select Settings and then the iCloud option. Find Contacts and then slide the bar from On to Off.

Stopping the sync to iCloud worked for me but, if you are still drawing a blank, there is a My Contacts Backup App.

Try to sync contacts again as instructed above and then go into Google Contacts to see if the new information has appeared under My Contacts.

If it has, take this opportunity to do any editing or tidying - I had an awful lot of duplication, as well as contacts that I have not seen in many years.

It is also a good idea to go back into the Info tab on iTunes and uncheck the Sync Contacts option.

Transferring From Google Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S3

The first thing that happened when I switched on my new Samsung S3 was that I was told there was a software update - but I was unable to do it because there was not enough juice in my battery. The guys in the shop had advised me to let the existing battery run down to almost empty before recharging fully again. And to do this three times to preserve the life of the battery - a bit like when you first start a new laptop.

It took most of the day to reach a state where I felt happy to connect to the charger. Once I had worked out how to assemble the nifty travel plug, it took another few hours for the phone to charge to 100% and give me the confidence to attempt the update of software. But, once I had accepted the installation, it was simple enough.

Then, I clicked on the Options key which is the invisible one to the left of the Home button at the bottom centre - it lights up when you move your finger over it.

A pull up menu will appear and you should select Settings.

This takes you through to a new menu which is slightly different to the one mentioned in Webcazine's post - you can see Accounts straightaway. Click on Google. You should then see the gmail address that you have synced with the phone at the top. Click on this.

Then press the home button bottom central and select the tab for Contacts - it should now show all the contacts that were on your iPhone... on your Galaxy.

Sorted! :)

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