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How To Update LinkedIn Profile Without Everyone Thinking I Have A New Job - Updated for 2017

by Jo Shaer, on July 7, 2017

Every time you update your LinkedIn profile, a notification goes out in the newsfeed. Invariably it will tell all your friends that you have a new job and suggest that they congratulate you!

It can be very irritating for your connections if you keep changing your mind and re-editing.

So, how can you stop inundating your network with your indecision?

It used to be called controling your activity broadcasts but in the 2017 incarnation of the platform, this has now become Sharing Profile Edits. 

Choose whether to notify your network on PC

For most profile changes, there is now a button at the bottom of the section you are changing - see the image below.

share-profile-changes-on-linkedin.pngJust flip the toggle switch to the other side to show Yes if you really want your network to know.

Alternatively, you can go into your Privacy and Settings and turn it off there.

Then you get the option to choose whether your network is notified about profile changes. LinkedIn asks you "Should we let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations or follow companies?

You can slide the toggle switch to No

Choose whether to notify your network on mobile and app

Adjust the activity broadcast setting from the LinkedIn App for Android or from your mobile browser

  1. Tap the Me icon in the navigation bar of the app or the mobile website.
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap the Privacy tab.
  4. Tap Sharing profile edits.
  5. Toggle the setting to Yes or No.


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