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How To Use Google Plus For Business

by Jo Shaer, on June 8, 2014

Don't be afraid! Google Plus is actually very similar to Facebook in terms of how to use it.

What's the difference between Facebook and Google Plus?

So, what's the difference? Well, my friend Nick from Smart Local described it thus:

[question ask="You use Facebook for the people that you know and Google Plus to find the people that you want to know!"][/question]

How to use Google Plus for business

Create your Google Plus Account

how to use google+ for business and personalThe first thing to remember is that you have to have your account set up in the name of a real person - not a business or product.

If you already have a YouTube or gmail account, you will already have a google plus account.

Log into either of those and go to the top right of the screen. There you will be able to access your Google Plus profile.

Make sure you fill out all the relevant information sections on the About tab.

Can I control who I share the information on my Google Plus Personal Profile with?

privacy of info on google plus personal profileYou can see the word Edit at the bottom of each section. Click that and start filling out any details that you are happy to share. You do have the choice of who you share that information with.

To the top right of each content box, you will see the choice of Public, Extended Circles, Your Circles, Only You and Custom

Google Plus Page For Business

Now create your Google Plus Business Page whilst logged in as your personal profile.

Remember, there are two types of business page - one for online businesses and another for physical businesses on the local High Street.

If you are a business that meets customers face to face and you have other citations in Yell, Yelp, Touch Local, Scoot, etc., the chances are that you will already have a Google Places for Business page. You will be able to access your Google+ Local Business Page from the Google Places for Business dashboard.

If you used the same Google+ personal account to create your Google Places for business page, you should be able to see your Google Plus Local Business page listed in a drop down menu at the top right of your screen under your personal profile.

If you have not, all is not lost.

[cta_primary header="In a mess with more than one Google Plus profile?" body="Call us on 01702 476517 and bring order to the chaos"][/cta_primary]

Make sure you fill out all the information sections in the About tab of your Google+ Business page - whether it is the Google Plus Local Business Page or just a Google Plus Business page.

Using the Social Side of Google Plus for business

It works pretty much the same way whether you are using your personal profile or your business page.

There is the chance to write a status update.

status updates on google plusThis can be text or an image, a video, or a link.

How can I make sure specific people see particular status updates on Google+?

You can make your status update public or you can tag individuals or businesses so they will be notified of this and come and view your status update.

You start to type their name into the status update box preceded by a + and a drop down menu will appear of all the people in your circles who have that name.

Click on the name you want to tag and it will be highlighted in your status update and in the section which shows who that status update will be shown to.

tag people in status updates on google plus

You can choose a hashtag for your status update or you can let Google+ choose one for you. All status updates will have a hashtag.

Other people and pages can +1 your status updates if they like them.

Other people and pages can share your status updates if they like them.

Other people and pages can comment on your status updates.

Making connections on Google Plus

add people to circles on google plusPeople can add people to their circles. Circles are like groups of people who have something in common. Location, industry, etc.

There are several default circles like Friends and you can add your own custom circles.

People can follow business pages and then add them to their circles.

Unlike on Facebook, Google Plus Pages can connect with people by adding them to their circles. For now, anyway!

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