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I Want To Make Changes To My Website Without Paying Again

by Jo Shaer, on August 16, 2011

wordpressIt's the perennial cry that I hear from business owners - "I want to make changes to my website without paying the designer another several hundred pounds"

They have an all-singing, all-dancing website design with lots of flash and it looks really impressive... but every time a new staff member joins or they want to upload an image of a new product, they start having problems.

Most content management systems allow the client to do a certain amount - change some words, possibly add in a new picture. However, the majority will not allow the client to add a new page.

I can understand the problem - too much freedom given to people who don't understand website design means the possibility that something could go badly wrong with the whole design, leaving the look of the site a complete mess.

However, I firmly believe that, with the right instruction, it is possible to give the owner of the website more scope than they currently have - without incurring additional costs.

Wordpress is a wonderful content management system which is extremely simple to use, once the initial design has been set in place but some designers still invoke administrator privileges whilst only allowing their client to be a user. This can mean that, again, the client is unable to add pages or change some of the images in the sidebar.

Lollipop Local clients are given basic Wordpress tuition which allows them to have the skills/knowledge to access to all these areas, complete with the security blanket that, for an hourly charge, we are there to put things right if they do make a mess up.

Recently, everything came together when one of our clients in the West Midlands was given a commendation from an Government-approved external website review company for the SEO work that she had done on her own website as a result of our instruction, both in using Social Media and Wordpress to optimise her pages. correctly.

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