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Import Emails To Gmail

by Jo Shaer, on December 16, 2012

I spent a while today trying to show a new client how to import his domain based emails into his gmail account so that he could receive and respond from the separate email addresses in one place.

I believe that you can also do this in Outlook but gmail is my preferred method - and with a simple gmail account not a google app which involves setting additional coding to the MX record of your domain at its registrar.

For this method, you will need a gmail account.

Import Emails To Gmail

Log into gmail.

First click the cog on the top right and select the Settings area.

You will see a series of options listed horizontally across the top of the screen that appears.

Select Account and Import - this may only say Account. There is some discrepancy here but I am not sure of the reasoning behind it.

On the new screen that appears, go to the section called Check Mail from Other Accounts (using POP3) and then click Add a POP3 mail account you own.

A pop up will appear and you will be asked for the name of that account.

Add the email you want to import and then click Next Step.

The next pop up will ask you for the username. Sometimes this will just be the bit before the @ part of the email address. Sometimes it will require the whole email address.

And then the password.

Next you will need to ask your host for the POP server. In most cases, this will be something like mail.NameOfDomain but some hosts will give you a proper URL to insert here.

The standard port is 110 but you should also check this with your host.

You will be asked whether you want to leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server. This can be an issue for hosting bandwidth if you do not go in regularly to clear it out. However, if you leave the box blank, there will be no safety net if your gmail goes wrong for some reason.

Check Add Account

If you want to be able to respond to your emails using the individual email addresses which have received, the mail, you will then need to go back to the Accounts and Import dashboard. Navigate to the Send Mail As section and click on Add another email address you own

Follow the pop up dialogue boxes, completing the information as required.

Again, you will need to find out from your host what the SMTP mail server should be.

When you have finished adding addresses, remember to go back to the Accounts and Import dashboard > Send Mail As and choose which of your addresses you would like to be the default sending address and also to check the box if you want to reply with the email which received the original email.

Find out about email sizes and why some might be bouncing back and why you might be receiving someone else's gmail.


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