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Internet Safety For Kids

by Jo Shaer, on March 28, 2013

Further to my post yesterday about Mobile Phone Use and Social Media, it was alarming to see this news report from the States. I don't think many of us realised just how vulnerable posting pictures on-line makes both us and our kids when it comes to internet safety.

With the right equipment, that great snap we uploaded to our personal blog of little Johnny at pre-school, in the park or even in his bedroom can give all sorts of location information to some nefarious individuals on the web.

There is some confusion as to whether this threat exists solely from photographs posted on the lesser social media sites as some people have stated that Facebook and Flickr remove the geo-tagging from images on their platforms.

Whatever the truth, to be on the safe side, perhaps it's easier to just switch off the location services on your smartphone. Or at least those that pertain to the camera function.

Settings > General > Location Services. When it comes to Internet Safety For Kids, you can switch the whole Location Services setting to Off. If you still want to use it yourself for Facebook Check In, Foursquare, Maps, etc, you can leave individual settings switched on... or just switch them on when you need them.

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