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Is Bing A Credible Alternative To Google In The UK?

by Jo Shaer, on May 21, 2013

UK Search Engine Market ShareMany of my clients have asked me about whether Bing is a credible alternative go Google in the UK when it comes to search engine marketing. Well, based on these figures for April 2013 from Statcounter and brought to us by The E Word, I'd say the answer to that is an emphatic 'NO'!

It's all very well saying that you don't want to rely on Google and put all your eggs in one basket but the other search engines are very much also rans.

The one area where Bing had a chance to get ahead of Google was in Local. Google Places/Plus/Local or whatever they are calling it this week is a mess. And it's been a frustrating mess for over a year now.

Bing had the chance to step in and provide a useful Local Places listing to businesses. But what did they do? They outsourced it to Nokia and Here.com who can't even provide a category for jewellers - probably one of the best represented businesses on the High Street.

And there is no phone support to ask anyone questions. It's like going back to Google Places when it first started out and was like the Wild West.

US Search Engine Market ShareThe big G is a little less dominant in the US with almost a third less of the market. Yahoo, Bing, Ask and some others are taking up a lot more of the pie - but still not really enough to give Google a run for its money.

It becomes more and more obvious that business owners have to look at other ways to get their products in front of new customers - Social Media, Networking, email marketing and direct mail are all useful ways of spreading the job of building brand awareness without being totally reliant on Google.

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