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Like Farms on Facebook

by Jo Shaer, on June 7, 2013

Since I first saw a post about Like Farms on Facebook, I've become more and more conscious of the number of status updates that my friends are sharing which instruct me to Like this page if I love my daughter/son/sister/brother. Although, it's Sod's Law that when I'm actually looking for such an example to copy into this post, you can't find one for love nor money!

I am also more aware of those posts which tell you to type a word into the comments box to see something amazing.

I can remember doing that when they first started appearing a year or so ago and never seeing any result so I stopped doing that.

A video and post on Yahoo news now explains what actually happens.

Your activity has now spread the image and the page into the newsfeeds of all your friends. They see that you have interacted and so think it is a form of approval from you that this thing works, so they like/click/type move too.

The more comments each picture gets, the more power the page gets in the algorithm which decides what is going into the Facebook newsfeed. It becomes more and more visible.

But what's the point? We've all seen those pages which have like counts of 110k. Well, there is money to be made from them.

Just like ads in magazines and periodicals, Facebook pages can also run ad campaigns and promoted posts. They can target their ads to be seen by their fans and friends of their fans. That's an awful lot of visibility on Facebook.

And some people are so keen to get hold of that power, that they will pay thousands of dollars to buy that Facebook page. A process which is, of course, against Facebook's terms of service - but when has that ever stopped anyone?

like farms on facebook

How to Unlike Pages on Facebook

Go to your profile and choose the more button. Choose 'likes' from the drop down menu.

Hover over the page that you want to delete and see the Liked notification with the tick beside it. As you hover there, a drop down menu will appear.
Click 'Unlike' at the bottom.

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