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Liking Another Business As Your Facebook Business Page And Why You Should!

by Jo Shaer, on March 10, 2014

[question ask="Is there any easier way to like another business on Facebook as your business page?"][/question]

Jenny of Travel Counsellors, Brentwood

Great question from Jenny whilst I was at a Women In Business Networking lunch in Brentwood this week.

Liking another business as your Facebook Business Page

It is a bit of a faff to switch between your own Voice and that of your business to like a page as yourself and as your business page. For once, Facebook has made things easier for us.

like a facebook business page as your pageCheck you are working in your own name/personal Timeline - you can tell because you will see your profile pic and/or your name at the top right of the page in the blue navigation bar.

Go to the Facebook Business Page that you want to like

Click Like.

Now move to the three horizontal dots next at the far right - next to Messages.

Click and see the option to 'Like as your page'.


like facebook page as your businessSelect your page from the drop down list.

Click save.


Why businesses would prefer to be liked by people not other businesses

Jenny had heard that there were issues over liking other businesses on Facebook as your own business. In fact, this is not the case.

The reason businesses don't really want you to like them as your business is because that type of like does not count towards the Page's likes.

The only way you can get the number of likes on a business page to increase is if it has been liked by individuals.

Why you should like other complementary business pages as yourself AND as your business

I always make sure that I like as myself and then as my business. That way, I can like, share or comment on that page's status updates as myself OR as my business.

The best way to get noticed is to add value to the conversations on the page by engaging as your business.

change to your business page on Facebookusing facebook as your businessSo, make sure that you select your business from the drop down menu by the cog at the top right of your page.

It will change the profile picture in the blue navigation bar to that of your business.

Then go to the page where there is a post you want to like, share or comment on and you can make that engagement in the name of your business.

That page will become aware of what you are doing and come over to check YOUR page out. Hopefully, they will also like your page as themselves and as their business and then begin engaging with you too.

More importantly, if you like businesses which are complementary to your own and engage with them, THEIR customers may notice you and come to check out YOUR page.

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