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LinkedIn Connections Data Export - On, Off and Then On Again!

by Jo Shaer, on July 27, 2015

export linkedin connectionsMany people don't realise that it is actually possibly to get critical sales data from their LinkedIn connections - at the press of a button!

Yes, LinkedIn offer a data export in a .CSV file that gives the name, email address, title and company of all your connections.

How do you get the LinkedIn Connections Data Export?

Just go to Connections and select Keep In Touch from the drop down menu.

Now, in the right hand column, you will see the option to Export LinkedIn Connections. Click.

Then select the appropriate option from the new drop down menu - I chose Yahoo Mail .csv because I do not use Outlook or Outlook Express but those may apply for you.

Within a few moments, I had a nice spreadsheet with the details of all my 500+ LinkedIn connections listed out.

Last week, some of the LinkedIn gurus were up in arms because that instant functionality had disappeared. Now, you had to ask LinkedIn and they would send you the spreadsheet within 72 hours!

To give them credit, LinkedIn listened to their users and the functionality was switched back on again yesterday.

The gurus are recommending that you download regularly to ensure that you always have this data - just in case it happens again.

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