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Local Business SEO

by Jo Shaer, on October 17, 2012

local business seoLocal Business SEO has become rather problematic since Google Places became Google Plus Local.

Google Places/Plus Local SEO

The old Google Places pages required completion in a very specific way to make the most of the opportunities to get your business on the front page for a local search for the product or service provided by your business.

However, as of the beginning of October, they have made the transition from Google Places to Google Plus pages but we are still waiting for the promised automatic change to Google Plus Local Business pages.

Yes, there is the option to do it yourself now but it's still not a 100 per cent certain that all the information will come across and you could find yourself with the wrong telephone number. My own preference is to wait for Google to do it.

Google is not the only search engine

The problem is that most businesses seem to be totally reliant on Google to promote their business locally. Search engine optimisation is not just about Google. There are still others like Bing, Duck Duck Go and Ask which regularly come up on my stats list as being referrers.

Social media for local search

But there is also YouTube and Facebook. Whilst not recognised as traditional search engines, they are both vying with Google for the title of number one.

More importantly, they are places that people regularly frequent and will use to search out relevant information about a variety of search terms. If your business does not have a presence there, then you will not be found.

In America, it has been seen that many people spend their whole day in Facebook. So much so, that some bigger businesses are actually building mini websites within the Facebook framework and at Lollipop Local we are also able to offer this facility. It is still early days but it does give those users who don't want to leave the platform to be presented with the information that you want them to see in a traditional framework that they recognise and understand.

Local Business Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

In all the main social media platforms, it is possible to search for a person or business. Many will look for 'product/service in location' to find the best representatives in their area. If they are looking on Linked In and Facebook, they can then see whether any of their friends or connections also approve of those people/businesses.

This is why it is crucial to complete the Bio or About section on each of your social media profiles - whether for yourself or your business - if you want to be found locally for what you do. This social media optimisation is another form of SEO as, in addition to being found within that particular platform, the domain authority of many of the social media sites allows them to rank for less competitive keywords.

Which means that it is possible for your Facebook page or Pinterest board or Linked In profile to appear on the front page of Google for a search that requires information about a product or service in a particular town.


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