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Marketing Your Small Business

by Jo Shaer, on October 17, 2011

marketing-your-small-businessFor many local entrepreneurs marketing your small business is all about getting as many new enquiries as possible.

The downside of this is that, if the phone is ringing with calls from people wanting free advice or discounted prices, your sales force can end up spending a lot of time on wild goose chases.

Marketing Your Small Business In Online Directories

A client had this experience recently when they signed up with a directory that guaranteed them x number of leads in return for a monthly premium.

Sadly, the majority of the calls that came in turned out to be a waste of effort for all concerned and I had a similar conversation about marketing your small business with a local listing company who wanted to offer me a similar deal. I might well be getting 1000 calls for £500 but if they all turned out to be wanting something else, it was a waste of money.

It's part of a mentality for marketing your small business that seeks traffic at all costs. However, only targeted traffic is going to convert so you need to identify a selection of keywords that specifically describe the service you are offering and then ensure that those terms are actually being typed into the search engines by potential customers.

Searching through keyword trackers, it can be very tempting to go for high volume search terms that talk about 'cheap','free' and 'information' but experience shows that people searching for and clicking on search results for these words are more likely to have a much smaller budget and be after advice for nothing. Certainly, you could end up with a client if you spend some time and attention with one of these calls - that, after all, is the basis of social media marketing - but you have to analyse whether such activity actually gives a good return on investment and doesn't just turn into a time suck.

It's all very well being ranked on the first page of Google, but if it's for a term that people are either not searching for or, worse, attracts people who are looking for a product that isn't actually offered by your business, you will have wasted a lot of money and energy.

Tips For Marketing Your Small Business

One of the first and most effective things you can do is get yourself a Google Places Page. Recent studies have shown that a position in the seven pack of red balloon-marked listings can get you a great deal of exposure - check out the eye tracker image example. However, there are tricks to setting up the most effective Google Local listing, so get advice.

Next, identify some good keywords that people who want your product or service are actually typing into Google and then optimise your website for them - both on page and off page - and monitor your ranking for those keywords on a regular basis to see if you need to do more to get your business showing on the front page of the search engine results.

For more information on marketing your small business, give Lollipop Local a call on 01702 476517 or 0121 249 1306.

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