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Mobile Search and Purchase Set To Overtake Desktop

by Jo Shaer, on September 13, 2013

Spent the day at ad:tech, the digital marketing exhibition and conference in London.

What messages came home with me?

That Social Media and SEO are becoming vital parts of each other.

That we should not be concerned about putting out different messages on different devices.

The Internet IS the device. And it should be the same message but viewable across all the different screen sizes.

That mobile searches have beaten predictions to achieve 33% globally by the end of the year, already reaching 50%.

That Mary Meeker gives good stats.

With the success of verbal communications - 20-30% of searches are made vocally apparently - wearable computers are coming sooner rather than later, e.g. Google Glass.

And then, coming home on the train, the Evening Standard reports that Sir Charlie Mayfield, the Chairman of John Lewis has said that this will be the first mobile Christmas. With stats already showing that the number of online shoppers using a mobile device has 'surged' from 26% to 40%, more presents will be purchased on smartphones and tablets than on home or office computers this festive season.

But, most importantly, that companies who sell internet related products need to rethink their creatives and brand messages. As I wandered around the various stands, I did not have a clue what most of them were selling. They have become so caught up in their own soundbite jargon that the message is no longer comprehensible to those who are outside looking in and hoping to make use of their services.

Even when asked to explain, many of the people populating the stands struggled to make sense in plain English. It often took three attempts to brig the language down to a level or analogy that we could understand.

As a company involved in making internet services accessible to small business owners, it was an extremely valuable lesson that we need to take into our own activities.

Find out how you can use social media marketing to get your message onto whatever device your customer is using.

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