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My Employer Has Banned Me From Social Media

by Jo Shaer, on September 9, 2014

Following on from this post talking about how some of the bigger banks and financial institutions have banned their employees from using social media in an attempt to stop unprofessional photographs of staff at business locations, I am getting lots of requests for advice on how to delete or deactivate social media accounts.

The latest plea was when I did a presentation on SEO and Social Media at a business networking meeting in Billericay.

So, here's the answers!

How to deactivate or delete a LinkedIn personal profile

You cannot deactivate a LinkedIn personal profile. You can control what people can read about you via a Google search but any and all information that you have added to your LinkedIn profile will show up to someone who is logged into LinkedIn.

If you just ignore the account, you could end up with lots of emails notifying you of invitations asking to connect. You can go into the Privacy & Settings page and select Communications from the left hand sidebar. There you will see options to reduce emails notifying you about group and other LinkedIn activity.However, there is much talk on the internet that this does not work satisfactorily.

If you don't want to leave your account live and have to deal with these invitations, you can delete your LinkedIn account.

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