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Negative Reviews On 192.com and How To Deal With Them

by Jo Shaer, on April 8, 2014

192.com is a scraper site. Even if you have not set up an account to list your business there, this directory may well still show your contact details.

Judging from some of the press reports and the SERPS, it may also show a lot of personal information about you as an individual. If you have not opted out of being shown in the Edited version of the Electoral Role, they are allowed to display your personal address to anyone who might want to contact you and sell to you. It's very worrying. But that's another rant altogether.

Negative Reviews on 192.com

We discovered recently that one of our clients had received a review on 192.com. It came up in a search we were doing on the company and it was not very complimentary.

There had been an issue caused by a disgruntled employee and the customer had not had a very satisfactory experience.

It was an unusual occurrence because this business's clients come back again and again and refer them to their friends and family.

So, what to do? The business tried to contact the reviewer and ask them to take it down but without success.

We went in to try to do some reputation management but discovered that there was no account for the customer. We could report the review as abusive but we could not respond to it and try to put our side of the story.

It's all very well us teaching that a negative review is a marketing opportunity but, if there is no way of responding to the review, it makes things very difficult.

How to deal with Negative Review on 192.com

report negative review on 192.com as abuseWe managed to find a way to get in touch with 192.com through a contact form and explain the situation.

They came back with the instruction that we should:

  • Register and log in to 192.com
  • Go to the review
  • Click on the Report Abuse button

This will then make the review disappear.

What they did not mention was that you need to complete the comment box as well with the reason why this review was abusive.

The review will disappear - but only whilst the situation is reviewed by 192.com. If they feel the review is not abusive, they will reinstate it.

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