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Offlining - Spending Time With No Electronic Devices

by Jo Shaer, on September 28, 2013

offlining for blackberries offlining for blackberries
I first heard the phrase Offlining in a post at New Media Angels.

It's where you go cold turkey without any devices that could connect you to the computer.

Rather unwittingly we tried it this week.

At the end of September, a day that allows you to be wandering around in a tee shirt after 4pm just has to be celebrated.

So we went for a walk down by the brook in search of some blackberries that Jon had spotted a few days earlier on a run back from the Therapy Life Centre. He had been carrying a bo and a large kettle bell so had no room for soft fruits... More on that in future posts.

He had led me to believe that they were close by. When we had walked some distance, I began to ask more discerning questions about their whereabouts. It transpired that they were actually closer to TLC than to our offices - over a mile away.

The Lollies do Offlining

I wanted to get back for a social media workshop at 6 and we had left the office at about 4.15. I asked him the time but he revealed that he had not brought his phone. Neither had I! This was a first. We were completely incommunicado! It made me feel as if we were playing hooky as we meandered in the sunshine.

I remembered the Offlining article and gave our 'state' a name. Jon had not heard about it before either.

It was then that I noticed that he was wearing a watch! Sadly, the device in question had functions that could tell him how far he had run, his heart rate, how fast he was going. All sorts of information... but not the actual time!

It was weird and rather unnerving... but then we spotted some particularly juicy berries that required inroads into prickly bushes.

Some time later, a bit scratched and with very purple fingers, we route marched our way back along the footpath clutching our bowl of berries. The picture really doesn't do them justice!

Porridge for the next few days sorted and feeling very much more relaxed.

It made me think how lucky we are to be able to do that. To just leave the office during the day and go out for a walk in the sunshine for a couple of hours.

I love being my own boss. And offlining is definitely something we should be encouraging.

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