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Pinterest Purchasing Power For Businesses

by Jo Shaer, on October 6, 2012

So why should my business be on Pinterest?

Well, according to the latest stats - as revealed in this handy infographic, it is now the third most popular social network online, behind only Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest has a good success rate when it comes to turning users into customers. Rather than shouting information at its social media audience - as can be the case with continual status updates exhorting users to buy on Facebook and Twitter - Pinterest curates related and relevant images from around the web and builds an online community of sharing.

These images stay in the memory for far longer than a regular verbal status updates which is a major contributor to the fact that it refers more traffic to sites than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. It was the social network which hit the 10 million unique visitor goal in the shortest time after its launch and it is retaining those users 2-3x better than Twitter.

This popularity is combined with a good conversion rate with pins which include calls to action increading engagement by 80%. But more than that, research shows that shoppers referred to a site from Pinterest are not only 10% more likely to purchase but they tend to spend 10% more on average as well.

I think that is a lot of very influential reasons why most local businesses should have a presence on Pinterest. Read about my own experience with Pinterest here.

pinterest purchasing power infographic
Pinterest Purchasing Power – An infographic by the team at Boot Camp Digital Social Media Training


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