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Places Option Disappears From More In Google SERPs

by Jo Shaer, on May 2, 2013

places option disappears from Google SERPsThe rankings for Google Places have been up and down like a yoyo over the last couple of weeks.

Businesses everywhere are tearing their hair out at the sudden disappearance of a listing that had been on the front page for years.

There seems to be no logic to the algorithm at the moment. Suddenly a seven pack of established businesses will be replaced by one entry that is newly created but linked to an exact match domain as the website address.

Seven businesses will appear for a search term with all but one bearing that keyword in their meta title or description.

Listings are peppered with businesses that may have the title taken from their Places page or from the meta title of the home page of their website. There is no consistency anywhere that allows Google Places professionals to work out whether there is any benefit to tweaking indiscriminately with a listing. The rules seem to be going by the wayside as Google creaks and groans under the weight of the changes that are going on behind the scenes.

Our cousins in America are getting a brand new Google Places for Business dashboard. Whilst, in the UK, we have seen the advent of Google MapMaker.

The result is that we have information in our dashboard which bears little relation to that on our Google Plus page and is different again to that shown on our Google MapMaker listing - click the Edit details option on your Google Plus page to get to MapMaker.

Places option disappears from More in Google SERPs

And then, today, Mike Blumenthal announced that the Places option had been removed from Google SERPs. Google recently moved the different search options from the sidebar to a navigation bar that runs across the top of the page.

Web, Images, Maps, Shopping, More and Search Tools.

The More option had a drop down menu which allowed you to access Videos, News, Books, Blogs, Discussions, Applications, Patents... and up until yesterday, Places was in there too.

If your business was not on the front page, you could select the Places option to see what had happened to it. Just how far down the rankings it had fallen or how close to the front page it had risen.

Now, if you're not on that front page, you really are nowhere.

It is incredibly frustrating.

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