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PPC Adwords Campaigns and Improved Organic Ranking

by Jo Shaer, on September 7, 2012

ppc adwords and organic rankingPeople often talk about how having a PPC campaign can have positive implications for the organic ranking of your website.

They say it in a way that suggests there is some knock-on effect in terms of Google's decision about where to rank your site because you have paid them money.

My own personal feeling is that it would not be in Google's interests to engage in such activities. Their whole ethos is to be seen as the unbiased arbiter of relevance on the internet. To promote a less than worthy site onto the front page in return for monetary reward would land them in very deep hot water if anyone were to discover such activity.

Why do some websites improve their organic ranking when running a PPC campaign?

So how is it that some businesses that have Adwords running also improve the position of their website in the organic section of the SERPs (search engine results pages)?

My own experience would tend to suggest that a successful campaign which results in an increase of traffic going to the site through a specific keyword would be a major factor in nudging Google to acknowledge that the site must have value for visitors after information about that keyword.

If you look at the Analytics for a site and see that the majority of its visitors come via a search of its name or brand but which has very little traffic as a result of the keywords that relate to what it does, that says the site has not been optimised to make the most of those related keywords.

If the company runs an Adwords campaign which focuses on five or so keywords that are very specific to its niche and this generates sufficient clicks through to the site to double the usual volume of traffic, that is going to make Google send out some crawlers to find out what's going on. If it then sees that these new visitors to the site had originally searched for some very specific words and phrases, Google will start to associate the website with those words and phrases where, previously, it had not.

Traffic, Relevance and Time on Site Equate to Improved Ranking

The resulting effect is that Google sees a lot of traffic visiting a site for information on a specific subject. It doesn't matter that the business has paid for that traffic, it's still traffic which is going to the site and then having a good look round.

So, you've got improved relevance confirmed by the increased numbers of visitors who are spending two or three minutes on the site and visiting several pages.

That ticks several of the boxes that Google uses to decide who it's going to put on its front page for a particular search.

Ipso facto, the website ranks more highly for certain keywords than it may have done prior to the Adwords campaign - even though no additional organic SEO has been done.

Adwords and Local SEO

So the effect of an Adwords campaign can be more than just increasing brand awareness through higher visibility on the front page.

If you're looking to position your site in a particular area for specific keywords, it looks like it could be a good way to nudge Google to make that association.

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