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Premiership Football Club Checks Social Media Profiles Of Potential Employees

by Jo Shaer, on August 2, 2015

Jon's a keen footie fan and loves to watch Aston Villa whenever they play in London. He is avidly awaiting the start of the new season next weekend and scours the internet for all the latest news about the Villa's next opposition.

So he stumbled upon an article from BBC Newsbeat about AFC Bournemouth, who are poring over the social media profiles of their potential signings. They are looking for a great work ethic and assessing whether the player will fit in with the current team personalities.

Employer checks social media profiles to ensure a good fit

Like many employers, they want to employ someone who has all the right qualifications on paper but also whose personality will not upset the smooth running of their business.

The high profile Twitter antics of some other celebrity footballers have been in the news a lot over the last few seasons and no one wants to make a mistake that could have been avoidable with the proper research. Club staff will monitor Facebook and Twitter to aid in that decision.

All club scouts would benefit from this great infographic about using Twitter for recruitment.

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