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Reply Or Comment On Facebook? What's The Difference?

by Jo Shaer, on October 14, 2013

reply or comment on facebook reply or comment on facebook
What's the difference between a reply or comment on Facebook?

Underneath any status update, if there have been no other comments, then you only have the option to comment. It says Write A Comment. Enter your comment in that box.

In the example to the left, you can see that 137 Digital has commented on one of our status updates.

How can you reply on Facebook?

If, however, someone has left a comment that you would like to reply to, there is a 'nested' comments function. This means you can click Reply and respond directly to that comment. It will show up in the correct order.

If you just add your response as a new comment and someone else comments before you, then the two items become separated.

If there is a conversation around a comment on a status update, you should be able to see the Write a Reply instruction and add your twopennorth there.

In the example, you can see that HB Electrical meant to comment on the original status update rather than reply to the comment by 137 Digital.


Why you should tag the person you are responding to in a reply on Facebook?

You should note that you cannot respond to a particular reply by any individual. The nesting function is not that good yet. Also, on mobile Facebook apps, the nesting function does not operate.

This means that it is always a good idea to begin your reply with the @ and the name of the person you are responding to.

Click the correct name in the drop down menu that appears as soon as you type @ and the first couple of letters of a name. This means that it will show up as a hyperlink once you have posted. It will also mean that the person you have tagged is notified so they can come over and find out more.

On business pages, you will only be able to tag people who have commented within that status updates or your own friends. The business page itself can only tag people who have commented within that status update or other BUSINESSES that they have liked.

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