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How To Report A Facebook Page or Personal Profile

by Jo Shaer, on January 16, 2013

report_a_facebook_pageWhilst they are still not addressing the problem of businesses using personal profiles to promote themselves, Facebook are making it easier for individuals to report pages that have issues - like unsuitable content, duplications or spam.

The way you do it is to click on the cog underneath their cover image - often next to the Message button - which produces a drop down menu containing the Report a Page option.

What options can you report?

report a facebook business pageMy friend, Shawn at InteractAbel Social Media did this recently and let me have a copy of the options that are available to be completed.


It is also possible to report a Facebook personal profile

Click on the cog at the far side of the personal profile, under the big cover image and you will see this drop down menu with the report option

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