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How Do You Schedule Posts on Facebook 2015

by Jo Shaer, on September 12, 2015

There is always confusion over whether Facebook penalises pages which use automated posting. Things like Hootsuite and Buffer. So, if you're not sure, you can use their own tool on the status update box to schedule posts on Facebook.

Facebook change the way you schedule posts on Facebook

Once you have added your content - text or image or video - to the status update for your Facebook Business Page, press the drop down menu to the right of the big blue Publish button.

schedule posts on facebookThen you will find the option to Schedule, Backdate or Save as a Draft.

Click Schedule and you will see a calendar option where you can choose the date and then add the time.

When you are done, hit the blue Schedule button.

View and Edit Scheduled Posts on Facebook

You will be able to see your scheduled posts at the top of the page. Click the blue link in the Scheduled posts section immediately underneath the box to add a new status update.

scheduled posts on facebook

This will list all your scheduled posts. Click on the one you want to edit and it will appear in a pop up with a big blue EDIT button at the bottom right corner.

Why you should schedule posts on Facebook

It allows you to spread your posts and status updates out a bit. Sometimes 10 posts in 10 minutes can be like having verbal diarrhoea on your friends' or fans' news feeds. And it's never a good idea to swamp people with your thoughts or content. And in November 2013, the scheduler got an update that makes it much faster to submit several posts at once.

Some people make the mistake of doing two hours on Facebook one day a week and then not darkening its doorstep for the remaining six days. That means you are late to respond to anyone who does comment. It's a bit like playing Knock Down Ginger. You ring their doorbell and then you run away!

Little and often is much better... but not too often! The two biggest reasons for people unliking a Page or hiding content in their news feed is too many posts or irrelevant content.

But, as is usually the case with innovations from Facebook, it's not immediately obvious where it is... or how to use it.

Read our Welcome to Facebook post for more tips on using your business page.


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