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Scoot Now An Authorised Reseller Of Bing Places - March 2014

by Jo Shaer, on March 28, 2014

I'm not quite sure what all this means but a client received an email from Scoot telling them that they are now the authorised reseller of Bing Places.

Last I heard, Nokia Prime Places were the recognised manager of Bing listings.

They talk about how they will set up your Bing Places page and the various items offered look very similar to those offered by the old Google Places page before they went all Google Plus on us - business description, up to 10 categories, images, website links, phone numbers, etc


With 22 million people a month searching on the Yahoo Bing Network in the UK, Scoot will ensure that your business is listed on Bing Places and they will manage the listing and enrich the profile so it is populated with key content to drive more customers and make sure that people can find you on Bing maps

Somehow that doesn't sound like a free listing service.

I suspect that, like Infoserve before them with Yahoo Local Listings, this will become a feature that is dominated by premium listings.

Our American cousins see Bing as a credible alternative to Google getting a good share of the market. I fear that Bing's 5% market share - errrr that doesn't sound like the 22 million people in the advertising blurb - will fall even further if they make businesses pay for their local listings.

If you have more info on this, I would love to hear from you!


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