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Search Engine Optimisation Coventry

by Jo Shaer, on October 8, 2011

search-engine-optimisation-CoventryIt's not until you first investigate putting your business on the internet that you start to hear phrases like website design and search engine optimisation.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimisation is the operation of making your website and its content visible to the spiders sent out to crawl the internet for information by Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and the other search engines. It is a form of website promotion.

How Can SEO help my business in Coventry?

The first thing you need to do is work out what any potential customers are entering as their search term when they look for your product. Then you need to put those words on your site wherever the bots might see them. When they have crawled your website and found those search terms, they make a decision about how relevant they are to whatever has been typed in by the potential customer and position your website in the correct place on their results pages - also known as SERPs.

The best place to be is at the top of the first page because statistics have shown that 40% of the available traffic will go to the business sitting in that position. Very few of those potential customers will actually go to the second page of results. If you're trying to grow your business online, it is imperative that you aim for a place in the top ten search results.

Local Search Engine Optimisation involves making Google and the rest recognise your business as the place to go for your business or product in Coventry.

What are SEO Services?

SEO Services are the various components of an SEO strategy and take place both on the pages of your website and off it – at its most simplistic level this is optimising both the pages and any external backlinks for your chosen keywords – in plain English, making sure that those keywords appear in all the relevant places on each page, including the images and header tags and then in the anchor text for any links that you may gain from other websites.

Is there a set way to do SEO?

If search engine optimisation is done using black hat methods, Google can label you as a spammer and 'sandbox' your website so that it doesn't appear anywhere obvious the SERPs. So, it is vital that you choose your SEO 'expert' cautiously. Make your decision based on recommendation and don't just pay people who approach you by telephone or email as there are a lot of scammers offering fake services.

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