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SEO West Midlands

by Jo Shaer, on October 16, 2011

seo west midlandsOur research shows that businesses looking for search engine optimisation help in Birmingham and Coventry tend to search Google for SEO West Midlands - whether they're trying to appeal to the local market or gain nationwide exposure.

And most would prefer to be advised by a company that is based nearby, who can meet them face to face to discuss their individual requirements and establish a bespoke SEO package.

So, naturally, if we want to reach business owners in the West Midlands who are looking for SEO services, we need Lollipop Local to come up on the front page of the SERPs for that search term. Consequently, we need to optimise our own site for SEO West Midlands - on the page with meta data, header tags and keyword density. And off it through backlinks from relevant sites which show the search engines that our content is worth looking at.

Why use Lollipop Local for SEO West Midlands

We work with our clients to decide whether their potential customers are going to be locally or nationally based. For many businesses, the majority of their sales will come from locations within a five mile radius of their premises. But, for others, their appeal is potentially on a global scale and their SEO needs to take that into account if they want to be found further afield.

We use the same rigorously tested techniques to successfully rank our own site locally and nationally as we do for our own customers and take huge pleasure in our successes. We don't need to play computer games duelling imaginary bogeymen with light sabres for an exciting challenge, we have developed our own carefully honed weapons for the daily battle with our own giants, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Using our understanding that the search engines want to see Activity, Backlinks and Content, we have developed ways of Delivering that content which, in turn, Directs targeted traffic back to the website to start the A, B, C, D cycle all over again.

What our customers say about our SEO West Midlands strategies

[stextbox]Great local seo services and web design. Website is looking and working well with good Google rankings and generating enquiries. We got a full service package including the Social Media Optimisation and training on maintaining the website and social media, all at a very competitive price. Interpower Induction Europe, Curdworth, West Midlands[/stextbox]

Over the past two years, Lollipop Local Birmingham have produced SEO West Midlands packages which have helped a variety of customers to rank on the first page of Google for keywords that are actively being looked for by potential customers, including a major industrial supplier, an exhibition stand designer, a martial arts club and a computer programmer.

Their products and services were very different but our search engine optimisation strategies can be adapted to support the endeavours of all types of business, matching their websites to the targeted queries of many searchers.

If you're typing SEO West Midlands into Google to find someone to guide you through the maze that is search engine optimisation, give us a call on 0121 249 1306.

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