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Shared Google Calendar - How Can The Other Person See My Coloured Entries?

by Jo Shaer, on February 10, 2014

Many co-workers share a Google Calendar so they can both see what the other one is up to and synchronise to ensure there is adequate cover for telephones.

Dr Jon and I like to colour code the different entries so we can see which appointments have not yet been confirmed or other entries relating to clients.

However, we soon realised that we could not see individual colour choices for the other person. All of Dr Jon's entries looked red in my calendar and all my entries looked blue in his.

How can you see colour coding choices on a shared Google Calendar

According to Google Calendar Help, color coding is private to you and anybody who can edit your calendar.

People with whom you share your calendar will not be able to see the colors you’ve assigned to events unless you give them “Makes changes and manage sharing” rights to your calendar.

How do you give the other person 'makes changes and manage sharing' rights to your calendar?

In Google Calendar, go to the cog/gear icon at the top right of the page and hover over it.

Click Settings.

Select Calendar from the blue underlined menu at the top left of the new screen.

Click on your name.

Select Share This Calendar from the blue underlined entries in the menu at the top left.

shared google calendar - see coloured entry choices

In the list on the left, find the name of the person you want to share your colour code choices with.

To the right you will see a drop down menu. There are four options - one of which is Make changes and manage sharing. It's the top of the list for me. Click on that.

Click SAVE!!!

That person should now be able to see your coloured entries on your shared Google Calendar.

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