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Should You Use Twitter for Business Infographic

by Jo Shaer, on December 29, 2011

should you use twitter for business

This fabulous infographic from FlowTown via Search Engine Journal really clarifies what Twitter is about for business owners who are slightly confused.

Use Twitter For Business

There are two ways of using social media for business - one which makes you money and the other way. Talking solely about the weather or current events and never finding a way to link it back to a business opportunity is just wasting your time on Twitter as far as business is concerned.

Take the weather example. If you have a client who rents out holiday homes, you can talk about the weather in that area and how the forecasters are predicting great weather the following weekend. Then you lead into some homes that are available, maybe at a discounted price because the clement weather is occurring at an unusual time in the season where demand is lower.

You see?

Why use Twitter for Business?

It's about influencing people, preferably subtly rather than with an obvious sledgehammer. It's about giving them a drip feed of information that helps them to trust not only you but to be aware of your product or service when the time comes that they actually need to use it - your name will come into their mind first because of the association.

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