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Should Your Business Be On Pinterest

by Jo Shaer, on July 27, 2012

Should-your-business-be-on-pinterest Click to enlarge Should Your Business Be On Pinterest
Back in late 2012, Pinterest was the new kid on the block and the fastest growing social media platform but should your business be on Pinterest in 2014?

Click on the image and then use CTRL and + to enlarge. this great infographic from Intuit via Search Engine Journal

I'm still in two minds about whether my business needs a real presence here, other than for SEO. In October 2012 an infographic showed that, in the UK, Pinterest was being used mainly by venture capitalists and craft-related businesses.

An infographic from 2014 shows that 83% of Pinterest users are women and the main areas are cookery, health, decor, fashion and arts and crafts!

I think the truth is that if you have a business that lends itself to imagery, like photography, cake decorating, sculpture, art or things of that nature - things that people will want to look at if you were to pin them to a board - then you should definitely be there.

If you don't, then our advice is still to set up a Pinterest account for the SEO possibilities. It's a foundation back link to your website from a site that Google trusts.

Then you need to decide whether you are prepared to use some of your time to think creatively and pin up things that are related to your service offering and/or main keywords in order to get yourself a real presence on that platform.

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In her 7 Social Media Trends presentation, Mari Smith told the story of a photographer in the US who took pictures of rescue dogs and wanted to publish a book.

However, with no interest from any publishers, she cut out the middle man and went straight to the end user by pinning her images to her Pinterest boards with a variety of price tags. Part of the sale money was donated to rescue dog facilities and she has become very successful.

But, again, the business concerned involved an image-related product. I have had some success by posting infographics relating to areas of my own business on Pinterest but not sufficient to make me say that this social media platform should become an integral part of my business in the way that Twitter is.


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