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Small Business and Google Adwords

by Jo Shaer, on August 15, 2011

[question ask="I sell a product that is a commodity and I have many competitors. I was told that pay per click will help my business by highlighting my company along with the larger ones with bigger budgets. What is Google Adwords?"][/question]

So sponsored ads are where you agree a fee with Google that you will pay every time someone clicks on your link. The more competitive the keyword, the higher the pay per click fee. You then agree a daily budget of how much you want to spend before your ad stops appearing.

They say that they have parameters in place to stop competitors using up your credit. I have always had my doubts! Especially when I hear people actually admitting that they have clicked a few times here and there on their competitors' links.

So far, business for Lollipop Local has always come from personal recommendation or as a result of people seeing our website listed on the front page of the free organic listings. Whether it be one of our pages, a blog post, a YouTube video or an article we have submitted to an online directory. They all count and they were all free - well, in terms of cash anyway.

One local business explained how they had set up their Adwords campaign by setting a small daily budget at first and being very careful in the search words chosen. The business owner spent time prior to setting up putting in different words to see what gets businesses close to what they were doing. Having a commodity as a product in a competitive market made it easier to figure out which keywords to use.

The problem with Adwords is that it can be so hard to work out the return on your investment (ROI) unless you are running it in conjunction with your Analytics package. If you employ an external agent to manage the campaign, they will use their own dashboard and this makes it very difficult to marry the reports they send with the statistics about visitors to your site given by Analytics, especially if you are showing well in the organic section on the first page of Google. This is compounded by not having a way to match enquiries to actual conversions so you cannot measure your ROI easily.

ROI is crucial. If you’re going to run an ad campaign, make sure you get people to quote a code when they call or run a tracking phone number or even send them to a particular page on your website so that you know how effective your campaign has been and whether it’s worth continuing to invest.

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