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Social Media and The Professions

by Jo Shaer, on December 20, 2012

Great article by Jeff Cutler on the Hubspot blog about how the professions - lawyers, accountants, financial institutions, etc - can use Social Media to interact with their customer base.

As he reminded us, the whole ethos of open communication expounded by Social Media is totally in contrast to the compliance-restricted rules that govern such industries but it's not about relinquishing control, rather finding out what your audience actually want.

"It’s the first tenet of any conversation, whether it takes place over cocktails and stuffed mac & cheese or in the mahogany board room of some Fortune 100 company -- or even over the tubes of the internet. Know your audience. Know how they communicate. Know how and where they get their information. And know what they’re already saying about your company and your industry.

By taking the time to research your audience -- customers, clients, media -- you’ll have a better handle on how to speak to them and with them when the opportunity arises. You won’t make the mistakes some consumer-facing companies make by giving too little credit to customers and too little attention to what those people say."

And that particularly applies to the younger generation, those people who will form the customer base of the future and who hold very little regard if not contempt for many of the professional services. It is vital that these industries find a way to reach them.

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