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Social Media Customer Service

by Jo Shaer, on February 7, 2012

Further to my post yesterday on the What is Social Media Used For Infographic where we discovered just how many people use these platforms to research products in terms of customer feedback and also to leave their own reviews, I found another infographic which delves even deeper into social media customer service.

Businesses and Social Media Customer Service

Businesses use the social media platforms to manage brand awareness, promote product launches and to deal with customer service issues. Mashable ran a post on the 9 ways that top brands promote social media customer service.

Consumers and Social Media Customer Service

The infographic reveals that Facebook is the platform which receives the most interaction from consumers with business brands - a whopping 34%, where all its major competitors could not even get into double figures.

However, the reasons consumers like a company's Facebook Page are to show others that they support and endorse the brand, but also to be the first to get exclusive information about products, promotions and discounts. They didn't mention getting help with any customer service problems.

Having said that it's not a major factor in their reason for liking a brand on Facebook, when it comes to Social Media Customer Service, 62% of the consumers interviewed had already used social media to try to get better customer support and 74% said they would be more likely to use it if they understood how to get the best results from the tools available.

social media customer service

Another part of the infographic showed social media customer service problems by niche/industry.

It was interesting to note that nearly half the customers surveyed had already used social media customer service to try to resolve problems in the retail sector.

My own experiences have been mixed. All three conducted on Twitter and Aviva's social media customer service roundly trounced the efforts of both Royal Mail and BT.

Whilst many companies will have a presence on social media, most do not monitor their own name and, of those that do, the majority will talk the talk but these utterances rarely translate into real life productive activity.

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