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Social Media For Business Rule 3 - Be Everywhere Your Audience Is

by Jo Shaer, on July 18, 2011

"social-media-for-business-3""But why do I need to have a You Tube Channel and Flickr profile?"

You need to be everywhere that your audience is. Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter. Some of them prefer to look at videos or images. Others may find the corporateness of Linked In more to their taste.

To focus on just one platform wil mean that you are missing out on lots of opportunities. It is imperative to have a signficiant presence on all the major platforms but also any niche clubs or forums that might exist specifically for your product or service.

Don Crowther cited the example of knitting and it's a piece of information I wish that I had had when I was an affiliate for an ebook which dealt with learning how to knit and making money from knitting. There is a knitting group called ravelry.com which has over a million members. It's the social media home for knitters, free of the distractions of facebook, they can focus on just knitting and they have regular meet ups all over the US. But if you weren't a regular knitter, you wouldn't know that... and if you're selling knitting products, that's where your audience is so you need to be there too.

Whatever your niche, there will be similar groups or forums. Some of them may be on Facebook or Linked In, but they might also congregate on their own dedicated sites.

Find out where your audience hangs out and be there with them.

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