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Social Media For Business Rule #4 - Integrate Your Social Media

by Jo Shaer, on July 22, 2011

social-media-for-businessDon Crowther advises that we integrate our social media platforms into an all encompassing social media presence.

However, that doesn't mean posting the same content on multiple sites at the same time, which is just boring.

What he advises us to do is to develop a separate, unique presence on each platform and populate each one with different content that draws followers from one platform to the next to interact with you on many. Incentivise if necessary.

A great example is embedding YouTube videos into blogposts and Facebook. They show people that you have a foothold on another platform - another method of distributing and disseminating your content.

When you email or send out mailshots or flyers by post, make sure you put your social media addresses on everything and encourage people to visit them by incentivising.

Draw attention to your various profiles with ads on Google and Facebook.

Social media are not separate silos but components of a presence that allows us to be where our audience is (Rule #3) and, as Don says, People will not only like you everywhere, they will love you in total.

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