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Social Media For Business Rule #5 - Fill Out Your Profile

by Jo Shaer, on July 25, 2011

social-media-for-businessI don't know about you, but when I receive a follow request on Twitter or a friend request on Facebook or a connect request on LinkedIn, I check out the person's profile or bio first.

I want to know whether that person has the same interests as me, whether I actually do know them, if they are just going to be spamming me with recycled links and status updates rather than providing choice content of their own.

Don Crowther advises us not to forget to fill out our profile with key information about our business, as well as our interests and likes on our our integrated social media platforms.

Google and the other search engines love to use this information in order to provide relevant information to search questions about specific people. I have certainly noticed my LinkedIn profile appearing regularly on the front pages of SERPs about both my name and my home town. Sometimes the entire page is filled with different profiles and posts that I have written, allowing me to dominate that search term.

Don advises us to create thoughtful, complete well-designed social media profiles, each one unique from all the others on each of the social media properties because:

"Your total social media presence is just as important as your website."

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