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Social Media Tips For Business Networking Groups

by Jo Shaer, on December 4, 2013

Business Networking Groups are all about referrals and recommendations.

But so many don't understand how social media can be an integral part of that real life connecting.

Social Media Tips for Business Networking Groups

Facebook Tips for Business Networking Groups

Create Facebook Interest Lists to keep all your members' business pages together

Show members how to use Get Notifications so they are alerted when another member has posted something on their Facebook page. Or ensure that they have opted to see All Updates in their newsfeed.

Use the power of your business networking group to increase engagement on the Pages of the individual members.

Tell members how to leave Facebook reviews on other business pages

Set up a Facebook secret group so that your members have a place to interact - where it won't overwhelm everyone's inbox.

LinkedIn tips for Business Networking Groups

Show members how to request and leave request recommendations from other members on LinkedIn. These can be on their personal profiles and also on individual products on their Company pages.

When you're looking to invite new visitors, identify which professions are missing from your business networking group. Then get each member to go through their LinkedIn connections. Are they connected to anyone in a Company representing one of those missing businesses? Could you get an introduction so you can issue an invitation?

Show members how to give endorsements.

Encourage members to post status updates about the latest visitor events to spread the word.

Twitter tips for Business Networking Groups

Use the power of your network to retweet great status updates, links, blog posts and images from other members.

Use relevant hashtags so your tweets can be found in searches by those who are looking for great local networking for business.

Pinterest tips for Business Networking Groups

If you regularly take pictures of your networking events or if you have a 'props' or dressing up day, members could have a Pinterest board for the group. Pinterest is about great visuals. Anyone in the group who has a business with attractive products should have their own board to show off their wares.

Lollipop Local offer regular social media workshops giving tips and tricks to local businesses and networking groups.

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