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Private Social Media Training Courses In Chelmsford

by Jo Shaer, on March 23, 2014

social media training chelmsfordGreat training course with some of the Chelmsford representatives of Forever Living in February. These included Southern Lights Aloe and Lifestyle Choices Today

It was really interesting to see how - with care - Facebook strategies could be adapted to utilise both the business page and the personal profile to promote awareness of products and services.

As with everything, it is always about giving value without always selling.

In the three hours available to us, we were able to cover

setting up your privacy so that you can control who sees which posts
setting up your privacy so you can control who sees your photographs
hiding your friends list and why you would want to
using your Facebook personal profile for business
linking your personal profile to your Facebook business page
setting up your business page so that your fans can talk to you
making the most of your cover image and using it to promote your business
the different types of posts
highlighting, pinning to top and milestones
promoting your products and services through the Facebook apps under the cover image

Everyone left with a Facebook page that was set up for optimal engagement.

Support after our social media training courses in Chelmsford

Any outstanding questions or queries that occur to you after the course, we are always happy to answer via our Facebook page.

Just go here and add your question as a status update. You can be sure that, if you are asking something, someone else is wondering the same thing and will be very grateful to you for raising the issue. And the ladies from Chelmsford did have a few of those.

The ladies have asked me to return in a few months to work on LinkedIn with them.

There are several ways that you can take social media training courses with Lollipop Local if you live in Chelmsford.

Bring Lollipop Local to Chelmsford for your own Private Hands-On Practical Social Media Course - individuals or groups

Helen came on one of our training workshops in Rochford. She was so impressed that she booked me to come and give a private consultation to her group in Chelmsford.

This was a practical workshop.

The goal was for the ladies to be able to use their own laptops and tablets to make changes to their Facebook pages and ask questions whilst I was on the spot.

Whether you're a woman with a small business or a man with a larger business who needs training in Facebook or other social media for staff, we have a solution for you.

We can fit our schedule around you. Helen's course was in the evening but we offer appointments during working hours as well.

Social Media Training

Click here for scheduled course dates in Essex

Book an Online Social Media Training Course for an individual or a group of friends from Chelmsford

Some people have enjoyed our online courses. These can be through a screenshare of our PowerPoint presentation where we cover the main questions that we are most often asked.

Or a screenshare of you logged into your own Facebook page where we can answer specific questions that you may have about the set up or other problems you may be having.

It could be that your local page has just become a Community page and you don't know why.

Or it could be that you have set your business up with a personal profile.

We can help with both of these.

Give us a call on 01702 476517 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

See our Welcome to Facebook page for more tips and tricks

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