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London workers should try Sports Massage for pain relief instead of aspirin or beer!

by Jon Law, on May 9, 2013

Okay, so you work in the West End of London and at the end of your day you're struggling with back ache, sore shoulders or neck pain? This pain can damage your productivity, with deadlines looming the pain needs to be gone!

These aches and pains are common amongst office and manual workers. So what do you do, reach for the aspirin or have a beer to take the edge of? Well you could but it's It's not obvious but popping into your local Sports massage clinic in Mayfair or Marble Arch is a valid alternative. But a sports massage is for when you've run a marathon or been overdoing it on a hiking holiday! How can sports massage help with everyday aches and pains?

There are two commonly held misconceptions about sports massage that are not only incorrect but also dissuade regular members of the public from accessing effective pain relief for their everyday aches and pains. The irony is that if you're in the area and suffer from work related aches and pains you really should consider going for a sports massage, they are available on your working doorstep in London W1! It needn't take you out of your way. But before you do here's some sports massage myth debunking...

Sports Massage is only for runners and other sporty people

WRONG! Sports massage is used to treat injured muscles of all kinds of sportsmen and sportswomen it's true. And a good sports massage therapist will do a great job of helping these individuals with their sports injuries, true. BUT the deep tissue and remedial sports massage treatments work beautifully for back ache, sore shoulders, neck pain and more everyday aches and pains.

Pain relief is soothing whether the pain comes from sporting over exertions and injuries or everyday over exertions or injuries. Your sports massage therapist will help soothe your pain whether you get it running a marathon or slouching at your desk all day. Pain relief is pain relief!


sports massage in london w1 Sports Massage on your doorstep in London W1

Sports Massage techniques hurt

WRONG! Okay, while sometimes deep tissue massage can be a little uncomfortable it certainly isn't always so. In fact, you are in control, if the discomfort is a little too much let your therapist know and he/she will ease off on the tender spots and work round the problem, literally.

Besides, you will intuitively feel that any discomfort is not doing you harm. Rather, you can feel how it eases out knots in muscles, releases the tension of spasms and helps rid the body of aches and pains. It's a good, healing sensation.

The whole idea is for the sports massage therapist to provide the appropriate treatment for your current issue. There is no out of the box massage, your therapist is there to provide you with the therapy you need rather than a preconceived treatment plan. If the treatment is a little uncomfortable let your therapist know!

So who should consider getting a sports massage?

Office workers with sore shoulders and neck

The simple answer is: anyone who needs muscular pain relief. Work can be the cause of many of the common aches and pains. In the West End of London there are droves of office workers who spend much of the day slumped in front of a computer. This poor posture can lead to sore neck and shoulders, back pain and even headaches. Sports massage can help ease away these pains and ensure that you're in tip top condition for work and home life.


A Sports Massage in London W to relieve work related sore neck and shoulders A Sports Massage to relieve work related sore neck and shoulders
Construction workers after a long day

There's always a lot of construction work in the W1 area of London with seemingly constant refurbishments of buildings and retail properties. What better way than to finish the day with a sports massage to ease out any knots and to keep the muscles in good condition for the next day's slog? Athletes use sports massage to prepare for an event and to keep their muscles supple and working well. Construction workers can too!

Gardeners and parkies

The royal parks of W1 - Green Park, Hyde Park and St. James's Park - are beautiful, relaxing places to visit. But they need attending to. It's hard work and a bad back can be the result of many hours tending lawns and flower beds. A sports massage is just the job to ease and sooth away the pain of a bad back. You will be amazed how much better you feel once soothing sports massage hands have loosened your tense muscles! With local therapists on hand you could get relief immediately you finish work.

Hotel Porters lugging suitcases

A before-work sports massage in London W1, close to your hotel is an ideal way to ease yesterdays exertions and prepare you back, shoulders, or legs for the next days suitcases. Rather than struggling through the day with a bad back or stiff legs you can get to work fresh and pain free before your start!

I'm convinced, but where exactly should I get my sports massage in London W1?

For Sports Massage in Mayfair, I'd thoroughly recommend City Sports Massage at 1 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD Here, Jon Gee and Fuscia Farrow are available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to sooth your aches and pains. Visit the City Sports Massage website for booking details and directions or call 020 7724 4004 and remember to mention City Sports Massage.

If you're looking for Sports Massage close to Wimpole Street or Harley Street, W1 call Mike's Mobile 07745 986186 to book your session.

We can recommend either of these. Jon has had treatment from City Sports Massage to ease out shoulder pain while Jo has received many a soothing massage from Mike. These are professional, highly skilled sports massage therapists who put you at your ease and restore you. It's never a wasted trip, quite the opposite.

While Sports Massage may not be the obvious choice, it's a great way to keep productivity high no matter your profession. These clinics are right in the West End, so you CAN get effective pain relief on your way home from work with Sports Massage in the W1 are of London. There's no need to travel halfway across town. Becoming reliant on painkillers or a beer or two to dull work related aches and pains is only treating the symptoms. A much better idea is to treat the causes of your issues, sports massage does that. So get yourself a sports massage at one of these clinics in London W1. It makes sense, is local to work AND extremely effective. You'll wonder why you never had one before!


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