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Stalking Daniel Evans on LinkedIn

by Jo Shaer, on August 14, 2014



stalking daniel evans on linkedinI was watching an interesting webinar on how to make sure that your connections include influencers and referrers who will become a lead generator for your business.

And it was with some surprise that the organiser suddenly started showing the LinkedIn profile of my own insurance broker, Daniel Evans!

Besides being a great insurance man, I know that Dan is an enthusiastic networker so it should not have surprised me that he came up top for a search term relating to insurance providers in London. But it was still a bit of a shock to be learning how I could go about contacting him if he was not already one of my connections.

So, for those of you who have found someone on LinkedIn that you feel would be an ideal influencer or referrer for your business if they only knew you, here's what you need to do.

Get Introduced on LinkedIn

get introduced on linkedin Go to their profile on LinkedIn and look in the sidebar on the right hand side.

You should see a section which shows people that you have in common with the subject of your stalking.

You will then see the option to Get Introduced.

Click and a message option will open where you can ask your connection to introduce you.

If there is more than one person that you both have as a connection, you will be able to scroll down a list to choose the person you think is most likely to make the best introduction.

Click on that person and the introduction message will appear.

Remember, whatever you put in your request to be introduced may also be seen by the subject of your request. So don't put something like 'I know he's an idiot, but can you introduce me to *** because I think he might be able to refer lots of people to my business*. You get the picture?

Hopefully, the person you have asked to do the introducing will agree and send his own message to the person in question starting the process.


A different way to introduce yourself and get connected on LinkedIn

However, we're all a bit lazy or sometimes just confused about how these features work. So, our American cousins have come up with a more convoluted way that they say has a 70% success rate. That means it works 7 out of 10 times that it is tried. One caveat - the people they tried it with were all owners of their business.

This is the demonstration where I felt as if I was stalking Daniel Evans on LinkedIn.

So, you go into Advanced Search and find the business owner in the sector that you think is most likely to be a great referrer for you. In the example I was shown, it was Dan.

You click on the coloured writing under their name that gives the number of mutual connections.

You find someone in the list that comes up who you know well and who you think would be prepared to introduce you.

stalking daniel evans on linkedinSo, for the sake of ease, let's say his name is Pete. Being a mutual connection means that he is connected on LinkedIn to both you and Dan.

You message Pete and say that you would like to be connected to Dan and would Pete mind if you use his name when making an approach to Dan.

You see the difference here? Pete is not being asked to make the introduction, just to approve the use of his name in the opening gambit.

So now you have got to get a message to Dan. BUT!!!!

  • You don't know him
  • You've not done business with him and
  • you don't know the email address that he uses to log into LinkedIn.

So you cannot send him a standard invitation.

You don't have Premium LinkedIn so you can't send him an Inmail.

So what can you do?

Using Groups to get connected on LinkedIn

groups in common on linkedinWell, what you do is look on his profile and see what groups he belongs to. In the right hand side bar you will see what groups you have in common or scroll right down near the bottom and you should find some open groups that are available to you.

And then you join one of those groups. Once in the same group, you have the ability to message him at will!

Now you can send him a message which says:

Hey Daniel

I saw that we are both connected to Pete and wanted to reach out. Pete and I have known each other for quite some time and I've really valued the networking that we've done over the years. I told him that I'd be reaching out to you and he thought it would be a good connection.

It would be great to chat some time and learn more about your business. Do you have time next Wednesday or Thursday


It's a horrible Americanised request but I can see that it might actually work rather well with regular networkers.

It does also amplify why it's better to connect to people that you do actually know - as per LinkedIn's terms of service. If you're going to be asked to make introductions or for the use of your name as an 'in' to a connection request.

The only problem is that, for most UK members of LinkedIn, joining groups is not something that is done with much enthusiasm. You're allowed to be a member of up to 50 but most of the students who attend my LinkedIn training courses will not have bothered up until that time.

Find out more about using LinkedIn for your business here

I'm also curious to know how many people followed the suggestion in the webinar and started trying to connect with Dan...


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