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Story Bumping and Last Actor on Facebook

by Jo Shaer, on September 3, 2013

Further to my post on the changes to the way Facebook decides what content to put into the newsfeed, Amy Porterfield's latest advice is about ways to make an impact with each post on Facebook.

You're only as good as your last post... and they don't live very long in the news feed.

Added to this, if people don't regularly like, comment or share what content they do see from your business Page, then Facebook decides that those people are not interested in your content so stop showing it to them altogether.

Engagement in the news feed is crucial. Stats have shown that as many as 95% of users will never return to a Page after they have liked it. They see the content in their news feed and interact with it there.

That's why it is so important to get the subject matter of that content right. It has to appeal to both the users AND to fulfil Facebook's new criteria for what constitutes good content.

What Facebook have said is that you need to make sure that your posts are timely and relevant - so think about that when you hear news stories.

You have to build credibility and trust with your audience - so don't go off half-cocked. Make sure you get your facts straight and give value.

Ask yourself if your audience would want to see that content in their news feed and, more importantly, is it something they are likely to share with their friends or recommend to others.

Having said that, Facebook are making an effort to change this with three new features. Embedding posts as mentioned previously and now Story Bumps and Last Actors.

Story Bumping on Facebook

What normally happens is that there is a finite life for a post of only a few days, sometimes just a few hours. As the post grows older, it is pushed further down the news feed. Story Bumping is what happens when a post has got a lot of engagement in the time that it is at the top of the news feed. If it proves that it is of value because people have liked, commented on or shared it, then Facebook will bump it further up the news feeds of those fans who have not yet seen it.

Last Actor

Last Actor takes into account the last 50 engagements performed by that user. It gives content from the suppliers of the content that was engaged with a slight bump up the news feed rankings

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