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Tagging on Facebook and Removing the Rogue Tagged You App

by Jo Shaer, on June 15, 2011

I got one of those rogue app 'links' on my personal profile from my friend, Bryan Foster, of Young Enterprise Ideas in Birmingham and Coventry. It said You Have Been Tagged by Bryan Foster and so, naturally, I clicked the link to have a look.

Big mistake - it was one of those apps that, once you have allowed it access to your basic profle and your wall, goes down your list of friends and continually posts 'you have been tagged by...' links on all their walls.

This is what had happened to Bryan and, unbeknown to him, he was sending out the message to the walls of all his friends.

As soon as I realised, I went into Profile > Privacy Settings. At the bottom on the left there is Apps and Websites. Click Edit your Settings and at the top you will see a list of apps that you are using. Below the list is the option to Remove any unwanted or spammy apps. If you click on Remove, it lists them with a nice X for delete.

A technique which I passed on to Bryan and his friends by using @Bryan Foster in a status update so that he would be notified that he had been mentioned and take a look.

That's what 'tagging' is supposed to be about and the news that Facebook are now allowing you to tag business pages using the @ facility in just the same way as you can tag friends is an incredibly useful marketing tool.

But, even better, you can now tag businesses in pictures, just as you can friends. The resulting image will not, however, appear on the Business Page wall but it will become part of the Business Page's photo album.

The implications of this were only brought home to me when I discovered that my new client had set up his business on Facebook using a personal profile. He had acquired a whole load of 'friends' rather than 'likes' but, worse still, he had uploaded nearly a hundred photos.

We have several options - it is possible to convert the personal page to a business page and keep all his friends by turning them into likes. However, it looks as if the photos may still have to be uploaded by hand. If there had only been one or two, we could have used the new tagging option but I fear it's going to be a case of manually uploading all the individual photos in each of his many albums.

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