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Telephone Answering Service and Call Handling

by Jo Shaer, on April 21, 2013

As a business owner, it's often hard to leave the office even to get a sandwich.

What happens if the telephone rings and there is no one there to answer it?

Yes, we can easily have answerphones set up but how many clients do we use because they do not want to leave a message with an automated device?

This is where the virtual telephone answering service comes in.

Telephone answering service

I wanted to find out more about solutions for telephone answering services.

So, this week, I went to visit Nicky Somers at her company, Somerstime in Southend on Sea, Essex.

As well as virtual assistant services, Nicky provides virtual phone call answering for several businesses based here in Essex but also all over the country.

Somerstime - Telephone Answering Service

The way it works is that the phone rings and she receives a notification identifying the business the caller is after prior to the call being connected. Once the call comes through, Nicky answers with a pre-agreed greeting for that business. She explains that the person in question is not available at that time but that the call will be returned within a time frame given by the business owner. Or, in some cases, she accesses the online diary of that person and makes an appointment.

Notes of the calls taken are then despatched to the business via email or SMS text as required.

It's a really clever system.

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I've been on the receiving end of some call centres in the past which were not terribly impressive. You could hear other operators and a general hubbub in the background. Sometimes it was actually very difficult for them to hear what I was saying.

Nicky, however, was very professional and there was no way that the caller could ever have guessed that this was a phone answering service not the actual office of the business in question.

Remote Call Handling

I asked her what sort of clients she worked for and the type of calls that she took.

She explained that some people wanted her to answer their phones whilst they were on holiday or out at a business meeting. However, others were being pestered by nuisance calls from PPI scammers or local listing directories. As a result she ran a remote call handling service placing herself as a gatekeeper so these individuals could not waste the business owners' time.

If you're looking for someone to answer your telephone or to run call handling so you can get on with some work, contact Somerstime today on 0203 582 6308

Reviewing the Somerstime Experience

This is how Jon has reviewed the Somerstime telephone answering service

We've been using the telephone answering service from Somerstime for ages now and it's brilliant. It's so handy to be able to turn it on when leaving the office and not to have to worry about missing calls.

Of course, at particularly busy times you can turn the service on and get on with your work, without being disturbed.

Then you can deal with any calls later on. Simple!

An answering service is only as good as the person on the end of the phone. Well Nicky and her staff do the job brilliantly.

In an emergency you're informed immediately so you can deal with it. This has happened several times and all without undue fuss.

I thoroughly recommend Somerstime for this service to anyone needing more of that elusive commodity - time!

You could get more of that valuable commodity too! Call Somerstime today on 0203 582 6308

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