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The Rise Of Plagiarism On The Internet

by Jo Shaer, on November 22, 2014

Great article and infographic on Convince and Convert about the rise of Plagiarism on the internet.

Plagiarism is when someone takes words that you have written and passes them off as their own.

This is different from copyright infringement which is where someone uses your content without crediting you and without your permission.

For anyone who has found someone else claiming their words as their own on the internet, it can be incredibly frustrating. I know this from personal experience. I have had one disturbed individual actually claim a poem written about a very personal experience. In another instance, some spammer just reproduced an article I had written on his blog without giving me any credit and removing all the links back to related posts on my website.

With the first, I called her out on it and she took down her version. In the second, I wrote a very strong email threatening to report the offender to his ISP provider. That too disappeared quite quickly.

But it is not always so easy.

How can you find out about stopping plagiarism?

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