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Transfer Domain Ownership From One Registrar To Another

by Jo Shaer, on May 28, 2012

transfer domain ownershipUsually, when you transfer domain ownership from one registrar to another it is a simple enough process. You ask the existing registrar if they will change the IPSTag from their own code so that it reads the special code of the new registrar and they handle the transfer at their level. In some cases, you will also require a special EPP code to authorise the transfer.

Sometimes the exchange can be accomplished within hours. And from there, it is easy to access your new dashboard and point the nameservers to whichever host you have your content with.

In most cases, this is a free service but some less friendly registrars do charge if you want to transfer a domain away from them. It's certainly worth checking that out before you choose to sign up with one.

The problems come with GTLD domains that have been recently purchased. I had occasion to discover this recently when I purchased a .com domain on behalf of a client using my favourite registrar and the client then wanted it to be registered with his other domains for ease of access.

My previous experience had led me to believe that this could be sorted out very easily but I had not banked upon an official restriction relating to the newness of the domain.

GTLD stands for global top level domain and there is an ICANN level ruling which places a 60 day restriction on any transfer. It's just not possible to transfer a .com within 60 days of initial registration (or after renewal or transfer) - even if the domain was bought in the name of the client. It's the registering process that is the subject of the ruling. You can set up email and point the domain to wherever you like, you just can't transfer the registration until those 60 days have elapsed.

I should also point out the procedure for registering a .co.uk domain, which can also be a less than simple process if you have not done it before.

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